HPVS will be closed for Spring Break from 3/21 until 4/1. Messages will only be checked occasionally.

If you have a pet emergency, contact your closest emergency facility.

For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, please email or call as all messages will be checked periodically.


If you feel your pet needs emergency care, contact your local traditional veterinary hospital or emergency clinic immediatly! We are strictly a mobile veterinary practice and do NOT have a facility to provide hospitalization for our patients.

Examples of conditions that warrant immediate attention include:

  • • Respiratory difficulty (ex: difficulty breathing, white or blue gum or tongue color, gasping, constant cough)
  • • Hit by a car
  • • Seizure
  • • Paralysis
  • • Broken bones
  • • Major Trauma
  • • Un-stoppable bleeding
  • • Eyes that are severely blood-shot or eye-lids cannot be opened
  • • Poisoning or other acute trauma
  • • Unable to urinate
  • • Non responsive to stimulus

In general, we try to schedule urgent care conditions as soon as possible, but charge an additional fee if our schedule needs to be rearranged to accommodate your pet that day. Our staff will help you determine if a same-day appointment is necessary. Urgent care conditions include:

  • • Fractured/broken toe-nail that is not bleeding
  • • Laceration that is not bleeding
  • • Squinty-eye that can be opened, has slight redness and/or minor eye discharge
  • • Ear hematoma (ear flap is swollen with blood)
  • • Coughing or sneezing
  • • Watery diarrhea in a pet acting otherwise normally
  • • Urinating blood

In general, we will try to schedule "sick" pet visits as soon as possible. Some examples of "sick" pet visits include conditions that are chronic or minor, listed below:

  • • Ear infection
  • • Limping (chronic limp or on/off limp)
  • • Scratching/hot spot
  • • Occasional cough or sneeze
  • • Occasional vomiting or diarrhea
  • • Minor eye discharge that is clear, not colored
  • • Unintentional chronic weight loss
  • • Urinating more frequently or having accidents in the house

Please call us with any questions. We try to return all calls and e-mails received during office hours that same day. Calls and e-mails received after hours will be returned the next business day. Again, if you believe your pet needs EMERGENCY care, please call your local traditional veterinary hospital or emergency clinic immediately!

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